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It's been a while!

Apologies for the radio silence. These last couple months I've been;

  • Bugfixing for trackle, which finally came out!
  • Setting up a Dropbox-backed markdown-based notes solution (that I'm hoping is final...)
  • Browsing /r/selfhosted and feeling equal parts inspired and intimidated.
  • Planning a rebuild of my gameboy camera instagram page as a standalone site.
  • Maybe most importantly, spending as little time on Instagram/Twitter as I possibly can.

I guess there's a common theme here... I'm definitely leaning more into self-hosted, or in some cases self-made alternatives to big corporate services. I've been feeling pretty disillusioned with big tech and it's role in shaping modern society as of late, especially given the current European climate.

This feeling may pass, but in the meantime, I'm going to finally make good on my promise of giving these people as minimal amount (or ideally no) data as possible.

Some of these might get full posts eventually, especially if I end up implementing some of these 'self' solutions, but we shall see.