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The last year has completely flown by — with no greater reminder than I'm only a few months away from the one year anniversary of my photos.charlie.town project!

What started as a project born from anger at photo-centric social media has turned into easily my most entertaining project; it's both fun to post to, and fun to hack on — side note, I've since returned to instagram, though I'm using it in a much more healthy manner.

Most of my older projects have been a bit of a slog to keep up with, in terms of both development and updating their content. This one has miraculously lasted almost a whole year, and I'm looking forward to keeping it updated for years to come.

There are a few things I'd like to add when time permits, better image handling on the backend for one, and a possible new section showcasing camera/lens info — Snap (the current name of the CMS, subject to change) dumps all the original EXIF data in a DB before stripping it when processing, so that should be easy to implement retroactively too, but at the moment the only photos on the site are shot on my iPhone 12 mini... maybe when I start shooting on my Canon again I can revisit it!

Still, I'm very pleased with the system so far. It's managed to keep it's sole user very happy, and history has shown that I'm quite the software critic when it comes to personal projects 😶