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everything old is new again

yes, I've redesigned my personal homepage once more.

but this time, I'm changing the core philosophy — to something that I think better represents how I'm feeling about the current state of the internet, and society in general.

given that I write php for a living (I know), I'm very aware that it's easy to make things sluggish and resource-intensive without even really thinking about it. things like fast server-side rendering and built in portability are things I've always been aware of, and have definitely taken for granted.

coming to this realisation happened around the same time as I discovered Sijmen J. Mulder's list of text-only websites, a great resource that aggregates websites that are made up (almost) entirely of text.

I loved the idea! I'd long thought that monolithic, break-if-you-disable-js SPAs were often rolled out by default, with no real thought to whether or not they might be better served with just plain ol' HTML and CSS. (also I discovered that the homepage of one of my favourite American funk outfits Vulfpeck was on Mulder's list, which if you're to take a look, quite clearly influenced my design...)

so, I've adopted that philosophy for my new personal site. I've got a new domain, a new homepage collating all my projects, pieces of writing, and contact details, and something design-wise that I believe will stand the test of time.

I assume you've seen it because you made it to this page, but if you haven't, go ahead and check out the new homepage (back link in the top left), and I hope to be posting a lot more on here in the months to come.

thanks for reading,